How I Quit Drinking Soda

My family are huge soda drinkers. Growing up we always had at least four 12 packs of Dr.Pepper, Mtn. Drew, Coke, and Pepsi on hand. My mom and dad were both equally guilty, so when my mom and dad split, things only got worse.

Their bad habits passed on to my brother and I, and before you know it he was diagnosed with fatty liver disease from too much sugar. I realized that I was drinking just as much soda as him, and that it could easily be me next, so at 18 I did my best to start cutting it out.

The first thing I tried was to limit how much soda I was drinking. This worked for about 3 days, but I always relapsed, almost as if I was addicted to a drug(hint:caffeine). I decided to stop cold turkey, and suffered through the next couple of weeks. After two weeks of not drinking any soda things started to get easier. I was able to go 3 months without soda, and I actually started to not crave it at all. 6 months later I decided that I could responsibly drink soda in moderation, but surprisingly, when I drank soda it tasted awful!

I’m definitely not demonizing soda, but for me personally it was something that I know I needed to cut out of my life if I wanted to enjoy my health. Hopefully this helps, if you’ve tried quitting slowly try just cutting it out altogether.

Bonus Tip: I hated La Croix when I first started drinking it, but I kept trying to learn to like it and actually ended up loving it! It has helped me to fill the void with something carbonated!