Why I Became a Nurse

I’m asked daily why I decided to become a nurse, so I figured I would make a quick post about my reasons for becoming a nurse.

My primary reason for becoming a nurse was so that I could help others, especially those in discomfort or pain.

My mom suffered from crippling arthritis which started in her 30’s, this made it tough for her to take care of us, since she was divorced and had custody of my brother and I.

I remember thinking how I wished I could help her, but I simply lacked the knowledge. From there I made it a priority to learn everything I could about medicine, so that I could help my mom and others like her.

I was able to find some natural remedies which helped ease her discomfort, and her doctors luckily found some prescriptions which slowed the disease and pain, making things more bearable.

I’m happy that I am able to help other people who are suffering just like my mom was. For me the student loans, time, and dedication required to be a doctor just didn’t match up with my plans or aspirations, so becoming a nurse was the next best thing.

I can definitely say that I’m glad for my decision and love being an RN! If you’re on the fence about whether to pursue your dreams of becoming a nurse I highly encourage it, as it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.